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Thursday, June 20, 2013

If you own a luxury or high quality watch and would like to raise some much needed cash, then you should seriously consider the opportunity to sell watch to us at Sell My Watch. Quality watches are very expensive items and can be out of most people’s monetary reach. This fact has increased the market for pre-owned designer watches appreciably. It is possible to earn as much as £50,000 for a really exclusive model. So, when you need some cash quickly, it is worth thinking about if you wish to sell watch to us at Sell My Watch.

How do I Sell Watch Online?

If you decide to sell watch online, dealing with us at Sell My Watch is very easy. Have a good look at your surplus watches, and if you consider one is suitable to sell to us, complete our simple online request form. Please provide as much information as you can about the watch you wish to sell.

When you submit your request, we will send off a postage paid package to you. You just need to put your item(s) in the envelope and return it to us. On receipt, our professional staff will value your items and contact you with our offer.

We at Sell My Watch are confident that our valuations are fair and very competitive in comparison to similar buyers in the marketplace.

You are under absolutely no obligation to accept our offer. If you do, as we hope, we will process your payment immediately. However, if you are unsure of selling at the moment, we will return your watch as soon as possible. 

Our Shops

In addition to our quick and easy online service, Sell My Watch also has a number of branches where you can turn up personally. We will value your watch while you wait and you can get your money immediately. You will find our staff friendly and ready and willing to help you in any way they can when you wish to sell watch.

Sell Used Watches for Instant Cash

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

In these difficult economic times, many people can find themselves requiring some emergency cash to settle bills and so on. If you are one of these people, you can sell used watches for instant cash. You may be surprised to know that quality used watches can be sold to Sell My Watch for up to £50,000. Therefore, if you have such a watch or two hidden away and are willing to sell it, the money it could raise will really help by giving you a substantial cash injection to use as you need.

You can sell used Watches Online

You may not know that selling used watches online is becoming increasingly common and popular. You will probably have seen advertisements for selling gold online, but not necessarily watches. However, most gold dealers will buy gold watches as part of gold jewellery per se, and they will usually end up being melted down with all the rest. We, at Sell My Gold, buy quality used watches to resell after any required refurbishment.

How do I sell Used Watches Online?

Sell My Watch uses a very simple process to enable you to sell used watches online. On request, we will send you a postage paid special delivery package. Then you just place your items in the envelope and send it to us for evaluation. You must be aware, however, that we only deal with the best quality used watches. To find out more about the type of watches we accept, visit our company website or contact us directly where our helpful staff will explain everything you need to know.

If you are hesitant to send a valuable watch through the post, do not worry. Our packages are insured for up to £15,000, so you will be covered in the rare event of loss or theft. Alternatively, you can visit one of our branches, and sell used watches directly to our experienced staff there at the store you choose.

Either way, we will value your pre-used watch(es) and make you an immediate offer. You then have the choice of accepting or rejecting our offer. If you accept, we will process your payment quickly. If not, you can take your watch home, or we will return it if you have used our online service.

Sell My Watch provides a very quick and simple service when you choose to sell used watches online or offline.


Sell Rolex Watch Online

Sunday, February 05, 2012

As most people know, the name Rolex is synonymous with watches which have great aesthetic appeal and are engineered to keep perfect time. They are ageless and sophisticated. All these features mean that they are highly coveted, even if they are pre-owned models. Because people are always on the lookout for a Rolex, if you have one that you are prepared to sell, you can sell Rolex watch online for a substantial sum.

Exchange your Rolex watch for cash

As more and more people are feeling the austerity measures kick in, they are increasingly looking for pre-owned Rolexes, rather than new ones. There has never been a better time to sell Rolex watch as prices are probably at their peak. We, at Sell My Watch are always happy to buy good examples of Rolex watches for excellent prices. So, if you are looking to sell Rolex watch, contact us for a valuation.

 Selling your Rolex watch to us

Selling quality Rolex watches online is becoming increasingly popular, and Sell My Watch is a great place to start. We pride ourselves that we offer the best prices for Rolex watches and we have an excellent reputation. Our sell Rolex watch application process is quick and easy, and you can be sure that you will be treated fairly and offered a great deal.

Our online system provides a user friendly and professional service. All we require are details about your Rolex watch and then we will send you a pre-paid package to use to send your watch to us for evaluation.

When we receive it, we will quickly carry out the appraisal process and contact you with our offer for your Rolex watch. You then have to decide whether to accept it or not. There is absolutely no obligation to accept the offer, but you could potentially obtain a substantial amount of money just by sending off your Rolex watch to us. Choosing to sell Rolex watch online could be a win win situation for you.

If you would rather have an evaluation of your Rolex watch in person, just bring it in to one of our UK branches. Our friendly and professional staff will be happy to explain the process and help you sell Rolex watch.

Do You Have A Watch To Sell?

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Do you have a quality watch to sell? If so, read on and learn how we at Sell My Watch can help you. We are always on the lookout for classic and high quality watches. If you are fortunate enough to own such a watch, you will be aware that they are expensive timepieces. A pre-owned one of these highly sought after watches can fetch a really good price. Sell My Watch offers very competitive prices compared to other watch buyers in the UK and Europe.

Why should you use us to sell your watch?

If you have a watch to sell, we at Sell My Watch provide a quick and efficient service for you to complete the transaction of selling a quality watch to us. Dealing with us puts you under absolutely no obligation. We pride ourselves that we offer great prices, so send your watch to us for evaluation. You really have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.

We are a well established watch buying company with a good reputation for service and reliability when you have a watch to sell. We aim to offer our customers the best possible price for their luxury watch, determined by its condition and the current market price.

Free Shipping

When you decide that you have a watch to sell, we will arrange for you to post it to us completely free of charge. Just complete our request form and we will send you a Royal Mail special delivery package to use to send us your watch.

Our Valuations

Sell My Watch staff are fully qualified and experienced in valuations, so when you have a watch to sell, you can be confident that the eventual offer we make is fair and based on precise parameters.

Our Offers

When we receive your watch, our staff will evaluate it and determine a price. We will then contact you with our offer. You then have the option of accepting or rejecting it. If you choose to go ahead with the sale, we will process your payment immediately. If you decide not to accept the offer at this time, we will return your watch as soon as possible, again free of charge.


Sell a Watch Online

Thursday, February 02, 2012

We are all living in very difficult economic times, the cost of living is constantly rising, and many of us could really use some extra money. However, you do not have a lot of options to raise money these days. But, if you own a classic or prestigious watch, it is a great idea to sell a watch online and potentially raise a substantial amount of money for it. There is always a strong market for these types of watches. Increasingly these days, pre-owned watches are very popular too and fetch great prices. Sell My Watch customers regularly receive offers of up to £50,000 when they sell a watch online.

How to sell a Watch online

If you choose to sell a watch online with us at Sell My Watch, the process is very easy. You just need to go online and complete our straightforward registration form. We will then send you a postage paid Royal Mail special delivery package and you ship your watch to us.

On receipt, we will evaluate your watch, determine our offer and then contact you. If this is acceptable to you and you wish to complete the transaction, we will arrange payment immediately.

Secure Shipping

If you use our special delivery package, it will be insured up to £15,000. In the event of you having a watch worth more than this, we commend you visit one of our Sell My Watch branches personally. We will perform an immediate appraisal of your watch and make you an offer.  If this is acceptable to you, you can walk away with your payment.

What type of watches do we buy?

We, here at Sell My Watch, deal with only the classic and prestigious watches. If you own one of these and wish to sell a watch, contact us for a quick evaluation. Any paperwork regarding its authenticity should be brought or sent with your watch, as this can increase its value. When you sell a watch to us, you can be confident that you will receive an excellent offer and a substantial amount of cash to use as you wish.


Sell Watch To Us

Monday, January 09, 2012

If you are looking for unique ways to make a bit of cash when you need it the most and you are the owner of a top quality watch, then you may wish to consider the benefits when you sell watch to us. Top quality watches come with a massive price tag which is not easily afforded by most. This has pushed up the market for second hand luxury watches significantly. You could earn up to £50,000 when you sell watch to us at Sell My Watch and that is something which should definitely considered when looking at ways to make money.

How To Sell Watch Online

Selling your unwanted watches could not be any more simpler at Sell My Watch. If you have a watch which you think maybe suitable for sale then, fill in our simple request form. It is always a good idea to give us as much detail as possible when doing so.

When we receive your request we will send you a pre-paid package which you can use to return your watch to us for valuation. When we get your watch, it will undergo a professional valuation and we will make you an offer based on our findings.

Sell My Watch pride ourselves on offering fair valuations which are much higher than similar companies who you can sell watch items to.

When we have valued your watch, we will give you an offer which you can either accept or deny. If you are happy with our offer we will transfer payment to you instantly and if you would prefer not to sell at this time, we will send your watch back to you as soon as possible, so there really is no obligation.

Our Branches

As well as operating a service for selling watches online we also have several branches where you can pop in and get your watch valued immediately for an even quicker sale. Our staff are friendly and very helpful. They will be only too happy to help you sell watches for a quick profit at one of our Sell My Watch stores.

Can I Sell My Rolex Watch To You?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Like all Swiss watches, Rolex is the epitome of precision, style and wealth. Discerning men everywhere long to have a Rolex watch adorn their wrists. However, Rolexes are extremely expensive and this means that they are not easily affordable to many. However, for anyone who owns a Rolex watch and wants to sell it, the fact that Rolex watches are so expensive works in their favour. If you want to sell your Rolex watch , you will find that you can still get very good prices even for a watch which is 20 years old or more when you sell to Sell My Watch.

If I Sell My Rolex Watch, Will It Still Have Value?

If you are looking to sell my Rolex watch, providing that it is in good condition, you will probably find that you can sell your Rolex watch to us for a very inviting price. This is because Rolex watches are so exquisitely made that they still look and function as well as ever no matter how old they are. Combine that with the fact that so few people can afford to buy a Rolex new and you will find that the market for second hand Rolex watches is booming.

Why Sell My Rolex Watch to You?

If you choose to sell your Rolex watch to Sell My Watch you will find that we are one of the best companies to deal with. We aim to value your watch and pay you for them as quickly as possible, so there is no waiting around for your cash payment to come through.

We also offer fair and competitive prices which you would find it difficult to match elsewhere and as we deal directly with you, you will not have to pay any fees to third parties for selling your Rolex.

Selling Your Rolex To Us

Selling your Rolex to us is easy. All you need to so is fill in our simple application form with as much detail about your Rolex as possible. Then post your Rolex watch to us in the pre-paid packet provided. We will value your watch and send you an instant payment if you are happy with our valuation.

We require the following watches in any condition, even broken or unwanted